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Many suffering with Diabetes Feet Swollen , A very serious warning

By healthreform  |  Posted: November 05, 2012

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The numbers of people complaining about their diabetes feet swollen

in the UK has tripled in the last 20 years. This is one of the fast

growing health problems in Tamworth as well as the United States .

Diabetic complications can do more than just make life uncomfortable,

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it can be deadly. Those suffering with diabetes feet swollen should

understand that it can cost you the use of your foot.

Diabetic complications: What it means to you

There are many who still do not realize that high blood sugar is a

poison in the body, as the blood sugar levels go higher the tissues

and cells are deeply affected. Diabetic blood sugar levels cause

death to the body parts. Diabetes is a serious and deadly illness. In

the United Kingdom the problem is growing due to lack of awareness,

not addressing the problem quickly is costing many the use of the

foot. As the diabetic waits they come in danger of losing the body

part. Diabetes feet swollen is a very strong warning of an internal

damage to the foot.

Thousands in the UK lost a foot to the illness last year. Tamworth has a diabetic crisis that is growing. The World

Health Organization states that diabetes is currently the most urgent

health crisis in the world today. Over 300 million suffer from the

illness in the world and this means a lot of people are in danger of

losing the battle. Take this illness extremely serious. Please see

here diabetes

feet swollen

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