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General newspaper enquiries
Telephone: 01827 848586
Email: reception@cintamworth.co.uk

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News desk
Email: tamworth.editorial@cintamworth.co.uk
Telephone: 01827 848600

Lee Kettle - Chief Reporter: lee.kettle@cintamworth.co.uk
Elise Chamberlain: elise.chamberlain@cintamworth.co.uk
Helen Machin: helen.machin@cintamworth.co.uk
Ashley Preece: ashley.preece@cintamworth.co.uk
Sam Jones: sam.jones@cintamworth.co.uk

Email: heraldletters@cintamworth.co.uk

Sports desk
Email: sports.editorial@cintamworth.co.uk
Telephone: 01827 848495

Matt Panter: matthew.panter@cintamworth.co.uk
Michael Beardmore: michael.beardmore@cintamworth.co.uk

Recruitment advertising enquiries
Telephone: 0844 406 0913
Email: jobs@localworld.co.uk
Fax: 0844 406 0270

Photo orders
Telephone: 01827 848586
Online: dipintosales.co.uk/cintamworth

Classified advertising enquiries
Email: ads@localworld.co.uk
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Telephone: 08444 068 744
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