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UKIP sets its sights on Tamworth in run up to elections

By Tamworth Herald  |  Posted: January 28, 2014

UKIP hopes to increase its presence in Tamworth at the next elections.

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A political party has its sights firmly set on Tamworth and intends to “throw the kitchen sink” at the town during the next elections.

The UK Independence Party has created a brand-new Tamworth Branch and, at its inaugural meeting, members pledged to mount a “major campaign” in the run up to the local and European elections.

“I am committed to growing the Tamworth Branch,” said Stephen French, chairman of the UKIP Tamworth Branch.

“We can make a real difference. This Branch will stand up for Tamworth and will hold regular meetings and special events to spread the UKIP message.”

The party already has five candidates ready to stand in Tamworth in May and Mr French is confident that every ward in the borough will have a UKIP candidate.

The branch claims to be willing to go that extra mile to increase its presence in the town and “throw everything they’ve got at it”.

Bill Etheridge, who is standing as a UKIP candidate at the forthcoming European Elections, said: “It is fantastic news that we have a new branch in Tamworth.

“UKIP will be throwing the kitchen sink at Tamworth.”

Andrew Illsley, UKIP vhairman for Staffordshire, added: “The support for UKIP is on a constant upward trend and now, with the establishment of a branch in Tamworth, we have branches in place covering all the constituencies in Staffordshire.

“I am confident like Cannock, which was set up only last September, that our Tamworth branch will really put UKIP on the map in the area.”

The next meeting of the UKIP Tamworth Branch will be held at the Coton and Hopwas Social Club, School Lane, Hopwas, on Monday, February 10 at 7.30pm.

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  • misspeach  |  January 30 2014, 12:50PM

    " GET US OUT S.A.P"

    |   1
  • CllrChris  |  January 29 2014, 5:04PM

    InGen - to be strictly accurate - the only thing the "others have tried and failed" at was to convince us all that we HAD to stay in the EU - no matter what. They certainly succeeded in fooling most people to vote for them time and time again when frankly there is not an iota of difference between these two twin parties. All they do is covert their well paid positions by doing exactly what their bureaucratic and corporate masters tell them to do - whilst a naive Joe Public carries on voting for one in the ludicrous hope that one might be slightly better than the other. UKIP has some good, sincere people on the ground, so they are certainly worth a vote. But (and I speak from personal experience here!) UKIP's leadership seem hell bent on keeping party members down and blowing previous good work by whipping up party infighting. When they have by far the most popular policy with the British people (regaining control of the country) forgive my suspicious nature but I have to wonder why and what these UKIP leadership people are really up to?

    |   2
  • RoyBoffy  |  January 29 2014, 2:05PM

    Is throwing the kitchen sink the best way to show the voters that you're on their side? A bit risky if it hits a few of them!

    |   -1
  • InGen  |  January 28 2014, 5:45PM

    They've got my vote already. The others have tried and failed... Escaping Europe is now the only way to ensure britain's survival.

    |   7