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Tamworth UKIP candidate labelled "racist" and "homophobic" over social media comments

By Tamworth Herald  |  Posted: April 30, 2014

  • This is one of the comments made by Robert Bilcliff on Twitter that has sparked outrage among members of the public.

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A UKIP candidate standing for a seat in the upcoming Tamworth Borough Council elections has been branded “racist” and “homophobic” this week in relation to controversial comments made on social media sites.

Robert Bilcliff is standing for a seat in Castle ward in the local elections being held in Tamworth on May 22.

Mr Bilcliff’s comments on Facebook and Twitter, which include the statement “Sad day for all us straight people” tweeted on March 29 – the same day that gay marriage was legalised in the UK – have sparked outrage among members of the public.

In a Facebook post written in July 2012, the UKIP candidate also wrote: “Just put a deposit down on a new Porshe and mentioned it on Facebook. I said “I can’t wait for the new 911”. I now have 4000 Muslims who have requested being a friend.”

Such statements have seen Mr Bilcliff labelled “racist” and “homophobic” in recent days and have prompted a probe by the UK Independence Party.

A spokesperson for the party told the Herald that the matter was being dealt with “seriously”.

“The matter has been referred to the party’s national executive who will look in to the matter seriously in view of considering taking potential disciplinary action,” said the spokesperson.

Speaking to a national newspaper in response to the offence taken to his comments, Mr Bilcliff denied that he is racist, saying that he has friends “of different nationalities” but added that he liked to have a “joke every now and again”.

The Herald contacted Mr Bilcliff for a comment in response to the statements made on Facebook and Twitter, but he declined to make one.

“As you know it’s gone to the UKIP National Executive, so it’s going to be no comment,” he said.

Mr Bilcliff is standing for a seat in Castle ward against Simon Johnson for the Green Party, Manjinder Singh Kang, from the Labour party, and Allan Lunn, from the Conservative Party, who is defending his seat.

The local elections will see four other political parties in addition to UKIP compete for seats in Tamworth’s ten wards.

The borough elections will once again be held at The Rawlett School in three weeks.

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  • chevronb8  |  May 03 2014, 12:28AM

    I found the Porsche joke to be funny. I think, when people run scared of making jokes like that, or reporting on jokes like that then frankly the 'war on terror' has been won. And not by us...

    |   3
  • SercoHater  |  May 01 2014, 9:38AM

    The Establishment Parties (Labour, Liberal, Conservative) just don't get it yet: The Electorate are fed up to their back teeth with career politicians, "posh pals", expenses fiddlers, bankers with fat bonuses and low tax rates, trade union bosses arriving in limousines, Representatives who swear at policemen and then get away with it (because they only used CERTAIN swearwords and not others....), and those who may be deemed guilty of Misconduct in Public Office - yet are never charged and convicted, so cannot be NAMED as such! The current feeling, as discussed frequently on Web-based collaborative tools and newspaper comment columns, is that ANYTHING might be an improvement. If Putin were standing, maybe even HE would be a better choice than the Establishment "lot"! So...... in saying "enough, and no more", The Electorate are readying themselves to vote for ANY Candidate who is NOT a member of the Establishment political elite; the "1%". This presents a Free Bonus to any and every Candidate who is not Lab/Lib/Con! It really is THAT simple! The first testing ground for the resolve is the EU Elections on May 22nd. The Establishment is so locked-in to the EU, that such decision-making is easy. All that needs to be done is to Vote. And "word on the streets" is that MANY more individuals (who previously were so disenchanted with politicians that they rarely, if ever, Voted) will take the trouble to turn out and show their contempt for the status quo. It's hardly rocket science, but the Media STILL haven't caught on yet! Beat a dog hard enough and long enough and he's going to bite you. WE'VE BEEN BEATEN ENOUGH.

    |   3
  • JamesTam  |  April 30 2014, 9:52PM

    I am also voting UKIP - but I am gay and hard-working good guy - I am tired of straight people thinking they can deny the same 'rights' they enjoy to me.

    |   2
  • kirkDickenson  |  April 30 2014, 5:58PM

    The Tamworth Herald, like many other papers in Britain, seem to be indulging in lazy, sensationalist journalism (sic). I hesitate to call this article journalism - it's pathetic! Some UKIP candidate made a flippant remark about 400 Muslims wanting his Porche & you call him a facist! He made a remark about it being a sad day when the Tories forced through the 'Gay Marriage Act - instead of having the courage & common decency to put it in their manifesom- when people could vote for or against that party - & you call him a homophobe! I sincerely hope your readership sees right through this tripe you call journalism & boycots your rag..............it's not fit to use in the toilet! You should be ashamed of such blatant smear tactics & cheap, sensationalist slander! I'm voting UKIP on May 22nd because of papers like you! The real stories are ex Tory MP resigning because of CORRUPTION! Not remarks made on Twitter or Facebook!

    |   1