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Conservatives retain power in Tamworth but Labour gain four seats

By SonyaBritton  |  Posted: May 04, 2012

  • Result announced - Tamworth Borough Council

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The Conservatives Party has retained power in Tamworth, although with a reduced majority
Ten of the 30 borough council seats were up for grabs this year, with four of the most senior council members facing re-election.
Labour has gained four more seats, while the Tories lost three – although all parties were disappointed that the torrential rain drove off many voters.  
The Conservatives have been in control of Tamworth Borough Council since 2004. They started the evening with 21 councillors while Labour had 7, with one Independent councillor.
The new Labour members are Patrick Standen (Wilnecote), Matthew McDermid (Castle) and Garry Hirons (Glascote), as well as former councillors Margaret Clarke (Stonydelph)  and Marion Couchman (Belgrave) returning to office.
And town teacher Richard Kingstone in his first election held the Mercian ward for the Conservatives.
Veteran councillors Gerry Pinner (Labour - Spital) and Conservative stalwart Mary Oates (Wilnecote) were the shock losses of the night.
Conservative leader Cllr Daniel Cook, said: "We are disappointed by the very low turnout, just 27 per cent, and we feel it's a reflection of national apathy which both parties need to address.
"But we are pleased we have retained our majority on the council and I congratulate Labour on their victories."
Cllr Robert Pritchard, Conservative deputy leader: "With turnout just 27 per cent, it was a disappointing result, in some places, there were 400 people fewer voting.  
"Labour has only just won some of these seats. It's more about the national politics than local.
"But we will carry out a series of manifesto promises which we have made."
Labour opposition leader Cllr John Faulkner welcomed the results.
"I think the general picture is good, it's better by far than we had expected. It is great to welcome some new strong councillors, who will represent their constituents well," he said.
"Although Labour has not regained control of Tamworth tonight, we have increased our number of councillors and it's a good springboard for taking back control of the council at the next borough council elections in 2014.
"It's going to make a more interesting and accountable council to have a more balanced picture."


Amington:  Evelyn Rowe – Conservative hold
Belgrave:  Marion Couchman – Labour gain
Bolehall:  John Faulkner – Labour hold
Castle: Matthew McDermid – Labour gain
Glascote:  Garry Hirons – Labour gain
Mercian:  Richard Kingstone – Conservative hold
Spital: Robert Pritchard – Conservative hold
Stonydelph: Margaret Clarke – Labour gain
Trinity: Daniel Cook – Conservative hold
Wilnecote:  Patrick Standen – Labour gain

The Council is now made up of: 18 Conservatives 11 Labour, 1 Independent

Here's some of the live reaction from Twitter last night:

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  • CllrChris  |  May 06 2012, 12:12PM

    Same old, same old. Sigh! :-( Oh well, a week is a long time in politics. My predictions if people don't stop supporting the old politics? Worsening financial crisis across the world - driven by debt bankers, more wars, and otherwise a bit of global cooling whilst governments squeeze trillions out of people to "prevent global warming". On the home front - more homelessness, more street riots and more crime, more freedom killing laws, more education/less learning(!), massive price hikes, worsening food and fuel shortages, more big government. Call me a pessimist if you will. But there's a price to be paid for supporting political parties like you might your favoured football team. Come on the Blues? One small ray of hope? You will never have heard of him I suppose - the media tightly control such news - but US Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul is pulling off some shock wins - against even more shocking deceptions, lying and downright cheating from his own party chiefs and the mainstream media who have ridiculed him and who are pushing for their Mitt Romney (AKA Obama Doppleganger). Dr Paul is for small Government, less wars, no bank bailouts etc. Something most sane people in this country long for too. Dr. Paul's supporters come from across the political spectrum and they are taking over the Republican Party. If America can produce a Ron Paul so can Britain - and we need one now!

    |   3
  • Abominate  |  May 04 2012, 11:06PM

    I do wish you would stop banging on about the Tories retaining power; one need only look at the seats up for grabs to see that had Labour (or independents, or Liberal Democrats or any of the fringe parties) won all ten seats, the Tories would have retained power; the fact they did was a foregone conclusion! So much for 'democracy'; vote for who you like; we'll still run the council.

    |   3
  • weskiwi  |  May 04 2012, 4:58PM

    Yes, for many, it was a disappointing result, and not just for the comments from the respective parties; it is a disappointing result, because we have more of the same. It would have been a much better contest, and the results would probably been much different had there been a surge from independant sources. Yes, the turnout was low AGAIN, and not because of the weather, all were disappointed with the torrential rain? I managed quite a lot of the time in the garden a.m and p.m., even when I went up to see if it was worth using the pencil in the booth, it was hardly spitting. It may well have had some bearing on the national politics, but, hang on, aren't these local chappies all part of the national problem? At national level, there is a call for a ban on strikes unless 50+ of union members vote in favour, so I am looking forward to see the actual numbers voting for a candidate to take office, against those either refraining or refusing put a cross on the ballot paper. There should be a public demand for an additional box stating * none of the above*, and it should then be added into the reckoning. So, the conservatives retain power, so what, had Labour taken control, the average council taxpayer whould still have been shafted.

    |   3
  • OscarOneThree  |  May 04 2012, 4:55PM

    Lets hope that the newly appointed on the Labour side can at least make an effort to prove they have some different views on some things to the Conservatives on the Council. I have not seen much sign of that lately. I intend to keep copies of the pre-election promises from all parties involved to see whether they keep their promises. It was a very low turnout by the voters which would indicate to me that there is no faith in politicians of whatever persuasion. As far as the national situation is concerned we are getting the triumphant comments from the Labour side, and the excuses from the Conservative/Lib Dem side, as we always do. We are a country which has been let down by politicians, who seem to have come out of the same mould, whichever party they represent, overpaid failures in the banking system, and failures to take into account the views of the 'man in the street'. On top of this the country is being sold off to everyone but its own people. Someone needs to get a grip!

    |   4